What makes our dog food special

Natürliches Futter

The dog is by nature a carnivore, grain does not need the dog. The dog does not need carbohydrates as an energy source because the fats and proteins contained in the meat supply the dog with the calories it needs.

The best ingredients

Rinti Kennerfleisch consists of real pieces of meat and is gently cooked without soy and without grain. In addition, Kennerfleisch is supplemented with flax oil and ballastoffen, in order to manufacture an all-round supply.

Well looked after all around

In the recipe we took special care that our four-legged friends are supplied with all trace elements and vitamins. The wet food has a balanced calcium / phosphorus ratio and is therefore good for the bone structure and supports the metabolism.

RINTI Single Meat is a complete food, specially tailored to the needs of nutritionally sensitive dogs or allergy sufferers. The composition is based on a single animal protein source (single protein), because many dogs react to different types of meat in a meal with intolerances. The addition of cereals, fruit or vegetables was also completely dispensed with. RINTI single meat contains only tasty and high-quality meat and offal.

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